Getting Back Together With Your Ex Boyfriend

Breakups... they always suck. And they're even worse when they're not mutual: nothing stings or hurts more than the rejection of being dumped by a guy you still have feelings for.

Get Back Ex Boyfriend
Getting him back: it's a learnable skill

If you're still in love with your ex boyfriend, chances are good you've already tried to get him back. Most people make some sort of effort to undo or reverse an unwanted breakup, even if they're not exactly sure how to do it.

The worst thing you can do however, is scramble. All too often you'll hear stories of frantic, crying women, begging, pleading, and even stalking their ex boyfriends to get back together with them.

There's nothing so bad as reducing a once healthy relationship to a hollow, empty shell of indifference, rejection, and avoidance. Yet this is what your boyfriend will do if you chase him after the breakup.

Getting broken up with always results in a very fragile emotional state. Even the strongest people can be brought down by a sudden and unexpected breakup, one that reduces them to doing things they never would've normally done while thinking rationally. Misery causes mistakes. And the fear of being alone can cause you to make some really bad moves in the days and weeks following the moment when your boyfriend first breaks up with you.

The Magic of Making Up

So to get back together? You'll need to be smart. You'll need to think straight, and act rationally. Everything you do is a reflection of the person you're trying to sell back to your ex boyfriend - because in the end, that's really all getting back together is. Reconciliation is nothing more than creating an atmosphere in which your ex boyfriend realizes that he's better off with you than without you.

Below you'll find everything needed to get started if your ultimate goal is to win back an ex boyfriend. You'll learn the best opening moves, when and how to pull away, the correct timing to re-initiate contact, and even what to do and say to your ex once you get back in touch with him.

And remember: everything happens in steps. If you're not following a step by step plan for getting back together, then all you're really doing is just winging it. That type of hit or miss philosophy may or may not get your boyfriend back, but why take chances?

How To Get Him Back: Tips and Tricks For Reversing Your Breakup

Read up on the specifics of fixing an unwanted breakup, including exactly how to make your ex boyfriend need and want you back again.

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