How To Avoid a Holiday Breakup

It happens every year... couples break up due to increased stress and unwanted pressure over the holidays. Learn how to avoid the yearly 'turkey drop', and what you can do to get back an ex who ditched you right at the end of the year.

Avoid Holiday Breakup
Make time for your partner during the holidays

The holidays. They're a source of fun times, family gatherings, and great memories. Yet they're also the source of intense pressure and unrelenting stress on your relationship, and if left unchecked, can easily cause a holiday breakup.

Between Thanksgiving and New Years is prime time when it comes to breaking up. Tens of thousands of couples end their relationships during this time, usually over needless bickering and fighting.

In most cases, the fighting has nothing to do with actual relationship issues, but more to do with pressure felt from the holiday rush and the constant requirements to meet with family. People often end up regretting these fights because they could have easily been prevented.

To avoid a holiday breakup, there are certain things you can do to alleviate the pressure felt during this very hectic time:

Keep Your Cool, Even in the Face of Time Constraints

Very few people meet all their goals during the holiday season. There are always cards left unsent, people left unvisited, and Christmas presents left unbought. The weight of these things can cause you a lot of pressure, which you might then take out on your partner.

Instead of trying to juggle every little thing, try to concentrate on doing one thing at a time. You'll get more done when you're focused on single issues rather than spread out over multiple ones. Above all else, try to keep calm. Even if you feel stressed beyond belief, keep telling yourself that most of the things you need to do will eventually get done. The holidays are funny like that; they always seem to have a way of working out in the end.

Don't Sweat The Little Things Within Your Relationship

Small issues can become very magnified during the holidays, and this can lead to big fights over nothing. So if your partner forgets to do something or neglects something else? Try to cut them some slack. Remember, they're feeling the same types of stress from the holiday season too.

By letting go of the smaller issues it leaves you a lot more room to be patient. You maintain your sanity, and you also avoid fighting with your significant other. Aggravation caused by these smaller problems just isn't worth it, especially when trying to prepare Thanksgiving dinner, shop for presents, and schedule visitation to the inlaws house. There are too many more important things to worry about.

Make Special Time For Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband or Wife

Most people forget this little fact, but the holidays are supposed to be FUN! Make sure you set aside one or two days to just kick back and relax with your significant other, and give each other some one-on-one time. This is probably the best present you can give them, as well as yourself.

Taking time to make special memories together is what the holidays are all about. Years from now you'll remember these times and you'll have forgotten all about the stress and pressure. Having a day or two set aside just for you and your lover effectively puts the holiday rush on pause, giving you time to decompress. You both need this, to avoid fighting that might lead toward an unwanted breakup.

What To Do if Your Partner Breaks Up With You During the Holidays

If your ex dumps you during the holidays, it can be one of the most depressing things in the world. Spending that time apart, in sheer misery, can ruin your whole season.

The Magic of Making Up

The best thing to do is not panic. The good news is that most holiday breakups don't stick, and people who break up between Thanksgiving and New Years Day usually get back together in time for Valentine's Day. This isn't to say you shouldn't try to get your ex back, however.

If you find yourself on the receiving end of an unwanted holiday break, the best thing you can do is be proactive about it. Learning the right and wrong ways to approach the breakup is crucial, especially if your relationship ended in a blaze of fighting or arguing.

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Benn112167    said on 10-04-2011

My girlfriend came home (from college) for Christmas break last year and wanted nothing to do with me. She kept saying it was because she needed to spend time with her family, but it turns out she was seeing someone else down at school. She promised him she wouldn't see me during the holiday break, so she blew me off. Stupidly I sat alone and took it, pretending like it was okay and that I 'understood'.

Don't make that same mistake! If she doesn't want to see you there's a REASON for it.

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