The Secrets to Attracting Women - How to Get a Girlfriend

Make no mistake about it, dating girls is a kickass skill. For some guys it comes naturally; they seem to know exactly when and how to turn on the charm. For others, it's something more of a work in progress. These guys learn by trial and error - the more women they date (and the more mistakes they make), the easier it gets to attract future prospects.

How to Get a Girlfriend
Confidence? Check.   Charisma? Check.
Girlfriend? Check.

If you're looking for the secrets to successfully dating women, welcome to the club. Every guy in the world wants to master the art of attracting the opposite sex, and every guy dreams of being wildly successful with women.

The good news here is this: dating is a VERY learnable skill. It can be taught, learned, and used to great effect. But at the same time, it also requires an open mind. It requires the abandonment of techniques that just don't work, and very often, it requires thinking and going outside the box - outside of your comfort zone, and into a realm that most guys are too shy or unfamiliar with.

Finding a girlfriend is easier than you think - it's keeping her interest that's the tricky part. All too often you'll get that enthusiastic first date; maybe you were nervous, maybe it's a bit awkward, but overall you think things went pretty well. But then when you go for the second or third date? Suddenly the girl is no longer interested. Suddenly she's "busy", or just "doesn't have the time for a relationship" right now.

These excuses are just that: excuses. If a girl finds you exciting and attractive she'll go out of her way to make SURE she dates you. It doesn't matter if she's moving to Thailand the next day, or studying to become a nun. A girl who wants you will make sure she goes out of her way to be with you.

There are basic alpha techniques you can learn that will not only capture a girl's interest to the point where she wants you, but actually have girls chasing after you with only a few simple changes to your current approach. Learning these methods is a crucial part of interacting with women.

So sit back, relax, and learn what needs to be done to attract women. Find out how to get a girlfriend, and keep her excited and happy to be with you. Throw away your misconceptions and 'nice guy' mentality for a minute, and really try to understand what goes on in the female mind, and why girls are attracted to certain types of guys that, for some reason or another, never seem to be you.

The Types of Guys That Women Are Attracted To

Let's start with the basics: the traits most women are attracted to. First, understand that women are the product of 200,000 years of evolution. And for about 199,950 of those years, their main provider and protector has always been MAN.

In short, all girls inwardly want a man who will protect and provide for them. While you'll hear a lot about today's modern woman being totally independent, you just can't erase or ignore two hundred thousand years of human evolution. This is deep-rooted, ingrained stuff: like it or not, it's indelibly programmed into the hearts and minds of every female on the planet.

So no matter how strong a girl appears... no matter how smart she is, or intimidating she might be to you, remember that all women want a man who is strong.

Physically strong, yes, but also mentally and emotionally strong. Women will always choose a guy who stands up for himself over a guy who lays down; a guy who's brave and takes action over a guy who's indecisive, hesitant, or just plain chicken-shit.

Attract Women
Confidence: it's the ultimate aphrodisiac

Girls are attracted to strength, confidence, and charisma. They seek guys who are sure of themselves over guys who are wishy-washy or don't know what they hell they want. Today's woman also wants a guy who's going someplace, or at least has an idea of where he eventually wants to be. But that's a secondary trait, and we'll talk about that later.

First and foremost, any girl you're trying to date must see you as strong and independent. If they're going to seriously consider you for a long-term relationship, they want to know you'll protect and shelter them. Women want to know you'll be there for them through thick and thin - that you'll get them through hard times, and won't fall to pieces under pressure or stress.

Emotional strength is important in today's world, but physical strength is another critical aspect of attraction. Once again, 200,000 years of evolution have led women to seek out mates who were physically strong and could protect them from the harsh environments of the pre-modern world. This cannot be ignored if you want to be successful with women today, because girls still want these things.

Strength is sexy. Muscles are attractive. You don't have to be a juice-head or bodybuilder to attract women, but it never hurts to be lean and strong. Being physically fit is something you have complete control over; use this to your advantage and get in the best shape possible.

How to Become That One Guy All Girls Seem to Want

We all know that one guy... the guy who gets all the girls. No matter what he does things always seem to go his way - girls naturally flock to him wherever he goes, and he always seems to know all the right things to say.

Being that guy is VERY possible. It's not just a matter of looking good, feeling good, or acting a certain way around women; it's more the process of actually becoming this person and living the life of a guy who's cool, confident, charming, and naturally charismatic.

You can't "fake" being that guy. You can't put on an act, or become someone you really aren't. For this reason, you have to throw away or shed certain things that are weighing you down... certain ideologies that simply haven't worked for you in the past.

If you're shy, you need to get OVER it. If you're apprehensive, you need to get PAST it. And if you're convinced you don't know how to act around women, or how to talk to them? You need to learn exactly what to say to girls that will make them stop, notice you, and see you as someone exciting, attractive, and totally datable.

There are several key traits that women look for when it comes to a man. Some of them are physical, some mental, but most of them are SOCIAL.

Alpha Male Traits That Women Are Always Attracted To

  • Confidence - This is the big one. Being confident should be your number one goal whenever you're around women, as this is one of the most immediately noticable of all personality traits. Confidence and sexiness go hand in hand - a man who demonstrates being in control is always more attractive than one who's shy, withdrawn, or hesitant. You must be confident in yourself, your personality, and even your game... even if you're still learning one. Believing in yourself is easier than you think; the more confidence you gain in yourself as a person, the stronger you'll be in everything you do. This goes for dating, work, and every other aspect of your life in general.
  • Strength - Strength is two-pronged. First, women are generally more attracted to a guy who's physically strong. There are exceptions of course, but in general you'll always be better off getting into the best physical shape possible. Being strong as a person is equally important. Girls like guys who stand up for themselves, and don't simply bow down to the common viewpoints of everyone else. Got an opinion? Voice it. Disagree with something? Stand up and say it. Being strong in your convictions demonstrates inner strength as a person, and this will make a girl feel protected and safe in dating you.
  • Charisma - Being charismatic tops the list when it comes to first impressions, as charisma will immediately get women to notice you. Girls would much rather date a leader than a follower; guys who get looked up to by friends and family are generally more interesting and dynamic than those who are more subdued or laid back. Charisma and confidence go hand in hand. As you gain momentum in one of those traits, the other will invariably follow.
  • Humor - Girls date guys for a very simple reason: to have fun. If you can make a girl laugh you're already impressing and entertaining her, and that makes having a sense of humor an invaluable asset. You don't have to be a jester or act like a total clown, but being sharp-tongued, sharp-minded, funny guys always seem to be surrounded by laughing girls no matter where they go. Don't take yourself too seriously; relax, have fun, and never be afraid to be self-affacing, because self-affacing people are secretly confident.
  • Optimism - Again, dating is all about fun. Guys who are optimistic are always more fun to be around, as their positivity and hopefulness tends to rub off on the people around them. Just as charisma is an attractive trait, optimism is equally effective. No one wants to hear the whining complaints of a guy who's always pessimistic or down about life, especially women out looking to just have a good time.
  • Independence - Women want many things from a relationship, but one of them is to know they'll be well taken care of. So a guy who can't even take care of himself is a guy who never even gets considered as a serious prospective boyfriend. Independence is always attractive. It shows that you're successful, can handle yourself, and can make it out on your own. Neediness in a man is one of the most unattractive traits there is; a girl looking to potentially date you is NOT looking for someone to add another dependant to her life.
  • Security - Security is a lot like confidence, only it's more important in the long term. In learning how to get a girlfriend, you also need to learn to be secure in that relationship. All too often a romance can be ripped apart because of insecurity on one side or another, but being insecure as a guy can lead to damaging and unattractive behavior. Be sure of yourself, and stay upbeat about everything you do. A guy who's secure in his life is a thousand times sexier than one who isn't.
  • Happiness - Ultimately, isn't this what it's all about? You date girls to be happy, and to make them happy as well. Any successful relationship revolves around a couple dedicated to making each other feel good, and ultimately have fun. By being happy and cheerful around women, you're showing them that you're capable of being that type of person. Being moody, always brooding... these things drag you down. Dating should be fun, and women are looking for a partner who will bring that type of fun into a potential relationship.

A good combination of the above personality traits will put you right on track for attracting women. Success begets more success, and confidence boosts more confidence.

Even so, there are still things you should never do when meeting women, as these will instantly kill your chances. Learn what they are, so you don't get filed away in the "undatable" category when seeing a girl for the first time.

Tips For Meeting Women: Making The Right First Impression

When a girl meets you for the first time, the very first thing she notices is how you interact with those around you. She'll study your words, your mannerisms, your body language. She'll study your voice, your laugh, and how you get along with your friends or coworkers. Only THEN will she'll start looking at your physical attributes; how you dress, how you look, and how you carry yourself as a person, and as a man.

Get Who Gets Girl

All of these things make up a much bigger picture, and they determine right away whether this girl classifies you as a guy should would date, be attracted to, or even sleep with. Understand that a girl makes this decision within minutes of meeting you for the first time, and it's not very often that decision gets changed.

For this reason, you always need to make a great first impression. You want to be classified as the type of guy she's attracted to and wants to get to know better, rather than a guy she'd just meet, say hello, and write off as a platonic acquaintence.

Remember: being yourself is crucial. Putting on a show or act for any girl will always be met with resistance. Women want to know who you are, not who you're pretending to be. And when you're acting a certain way for a girl's benefit? Trust me, she knows it.

When talking to a girl you just met, you also want to play a little bit hard to get. You can make a girl interested by you being disinterested in her.

Most guys aren't acquainted with this one little trick. They think the more attention they pay someone, the more interest they're demonstrating... and the more the girl will be interested in them.

In fact, just the opposite happens. Because the more you chase or pursue a girl you've just met, the more she realizes you might be desperate for female contact.

The very act of you pursuing her (as charming or 'on your game' as you might think you are) becomes the very same thing that ends up chasing this girl away.

This is why feigning disinterest - even when you're obviously into the girl - is often the wisest move when making a first impression. Walking away and joining friends at the other end of the club or bar will get this girl to think about you MUCH more than if you're buying her drink after drink, or impeding upon time she might want to spend with her own friends.

Your mantra is simple: "Always leave them wanting more". If you can keep this in mind when dealing with women, you'll be the one who gets chased. You become the pursued, instead of the pursuer, and you agree to date them instead of women agreeing to date you.

How To Approach Women - Getting a Girl To Fall For You

In the end, being successful with women is all about knowledge: the more you know, the better off you'll be. There's no way you could learn everything about dating in a single lifetime, much less one this one little webpage.

Whether you're looking to casually date or want to know how to get a girlfriend, you'll need to know how to approach, talk to, and successfully attract women.

To begin, check out this amazing free video, which gives you all the basics you need to get started.

And beyond that? Remember the three C's: Confidence, Charisma, and Cool. If you can maintain those three little things in the face of the opposite sex, you'll right on track for consistent, continued success with women.

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