Your Ex Still Hasn't Called You After The Breakup - What it Means

If you're anxiously awaiting a call from your ex boyfriend or girlfriend, every moment can be excruciating. Find out what it means when your ex doesn't call, and why it might not be as bad as you think.

Why Ex Won't Call
Do you know why your ex hasn't called yet?

So you got dumped, and you're waiting patiently by the phone. You know your ex will call you... it's only a matter of when.

But what does it mean when that phone doesn't ring? If your ex hasn't called or texted you since the breakup, is it really over for good?

One thing to understand right away is that every breakup requires a certain cooling off period. Things get said and done during the act of breaking up that often need time to heal.

Even if your breakup was amicable, feelings always get hurt. Being rejected is never fun... especially not for the person who got dumped, or even the one who did the dumping.

This is one of the reasons your phone isn't ringing off the hook right now. Your ex isn't calling simply because the timing isn't right - and there's no reason to rock the boat even more after the two of you have broken things off and called it quits.

Why Your Ex Won't Call You Right Away

After the breakup, your ex boyfriend or girlfriend needs some time alone. This doesn't mean they'll sit home alone, because they might go out with friends, family, and it might even seem as if the breakup is not bothering them at all. By 'alone', they need time away from YOU.

Believe it or not, this is a good thing. Your ex can't miss you unless he or she hasn't seen you in a while, which is why chasing after your ex is always a bad move. The more you push, press, and pressure your ex into getting back together, the less likely you'll be to ever date each other again.

On the flip side, the less contact you make with your ex? The greater the chance that he or she will start to miss you... big time.

So in the interm? Your ex will avoid you, and even avoid your phone calls. If your ex boyfriend or girlfriend isn't answering your text-messages it's because right now, they don't know how to handle contact with you. If they're the one who initiated the breakup, hearing from you right now would be awkward. This is one of the main reasons your ex isn't picking up the phone, either to answer your call or to even call you.

Emotional Attachments That Remain Even After The Breakup

Remember: in dating, you shared a lot of emotional bonds. These bonds don't disappear the second your relationship blows up. They linger on for a while, and it's these deep-seeded ties to each other that cause couples to get back together.

There are also subtle ways of reminding your ex of their feelings for you, without them even realizing you're doing anything at all towards making them feel this way.

Initially, your ex will seek to bury his or her feelings for you. But in time, without hearing from or seeing you? Those feelings will slowly rise back to the surface. This is the optimal time to get back in touch with your ex, because once they miss you, they're much more open and susceptible to getting back together.

Getting Your Ex Boyfriend or Girlfriend To Call YOU

When you and your ex were dating, you both took up a big part of each other's daily lives. Now that you're apart? There's a giant hole there, right where each of you used to be.

By exploiting this hole, you can actually get your ex to call you. The methods and techniques for this are a lot easier than you might think, and they involve pulling on certain emotional hot buttons. By tugging gently on these heartstrings, your ex will wonder where YOU are, and start to wonder what YOU'RE doing. That's the point at which curiosity will get the best of them, and you ex will seek you out.

If your ex hasn't called you don't panic... there's lot of help available. By learning which techniques are best-suited for your own unique breakup situation, you and your ex can be back in each other's arms in no time. All that you need is a step by step plan.

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melinda    said on 09-13-2011

don't take his calls!

DD12100    said on 09-13-2011

He calls and wants to hang out but he says he doesn't want to get back together. Should I take his calls? I'm afraid if I don't he might go away for good.

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