Fast Ways To Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back

Want your boyfriend back as quickly as possible? Join the club. While no breakup can be fixed overnight, there are certainly ways of accelerating the reconcilation process. Learn what they are, and start working toward getting back together instead of sitting around wondering what to do.

Get Boyfriend Back
Getting back with an ex boyfriend is always possible

Your ex boyfriend could give you a thousand different reasons why he broke up with you, but you know what? None of them matter. What really matters right now, is getting him back as fast as you can. If every minute that goes by without your ex is like a crushing weight, you need results as quickly as possible.

Right now you're probably in one of the worst possible positions you've ever been in. You're hurt, lonely, depressed, and feeling totally hopeless. Yet now, at this very moment, you need to be at your absolute best. Because only a clear-minded, level-headed approach will work when it comes to getting your exboyfriend to want you again.

There's a timetable for breaking up, and if you're trying to get back together there's a timetable for that too. You can't rush it.

Don't Let Him See Your True Emotions

Honesty is usually the best policy, but when it comes to getting dumped there are certain things you must hide. Your true feelings are one of them. While you might think it's important to 'open up' to your ex and show him just how badly you're hurting without him, that type of approach will always send him screaming in the opposite direction.

You can't let your ex boyfriend see you as weak, needy, or desperate. If he senses those emotions, your chances of winning him back are greatly reduced. Your man won't pity you right now, and he's not looking to fix your broken emotional state. To get him back, you need to make yourself attractive to him - not worsen his opinion of you.

Let Him Chase You - Not The Other Way Around

Chasing an ex boyfriend after he breaks up with you will never end well. Not only will you lose his respect, but you'll prolong the break up (or even make it permanent) by letting him know just how much you want him back.

As long as your ex realizes he can have you, he won't want you. At least not right now, while he's feeling the freedom of being single again. Knowing he can get you back with the snap of two fingers will make your boyfriend feel comfortable and secure... at which point he'll go out and do virtually anything he wants to.

The funny part about it is this: your ex expects you to chase him. He knows he ended the relationship abruptly, and at a time you didn't want to break up. So imagine how he feels when you don't chase after him, but instead disappear for a while. Not only will he be curious about what you're doing, but your ex's ego will take a pretty big blow.

There are other quick adjustments you also need to make immediately after your boyfriend breaks up with you. The faster you can learn them, the quicker you can be back with your ex.

Look Good, Feel Great, Go Out And Have Fun

Initially, your ex was physically and socially attracted to you. These were the attributes that got him hooked, before he even knew your name. It only stands to reason therefore, that one of the fastest ways to win your ex boyfriend back involve recreating that initial attraction. Do this, and you're courting him all over again.

There are many things you can do to look and feel your best. Hit the gym, slim down and tone up. Spend some time outdoors to get a nice even tan. Go shopping, and make sure you've got some great new outfits. Then grab some of your friends, and go out to the same places you know your ex will probably be.

When your ex sees you like this, his head will turn. You should be out smiling, having fun, and looking great. If you run into your ex boyfriend, grin broadly but don't acknowledge him. After he's seen you, wait a few minutes and then leave early... this will make him wonder where you're going next, and what your plans are for the rest of the evening.

The best revenge really is living well, especially after a breakup. When your ex runs the risk of seeing you move on before he gets the chance to do the same, he's going to re-examine his motives for breaking up with you. He'll start chasing you again, and at this point you need to play a little bit hard to get. Just because you're dying to win your boyfriend back doesn't mean you should fall into his arms at the first sign of renewed interest.

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Get Exgirlfriend Back    said on 10-11-2011

The best revenge really is going out and having a good time without your ex. Sitting at home accomplishes nothing, and even makes them see you as weak and undesirable.

Rg2    said on 09-15-2011

Why not let him see your true emotions? How can your ex know how you feel about him if you're not allowing yourself the opportunity to be open?

I agree with the rest of what you wrote though. Especially the part about how you can get your ex boyfriend to chase you.

Get Back Ex Boyfriend    said on 09-13-2011

I wouldn't call him after three weeks. This is just about when he's first starting to miss you. Guys will spend the first two weeks of a breakup with their friends, usually. The impact of actually missing you doesn't start right away, like it does for you. Why? Because he broke up with you - not the other way around. Stick it out!

Christy    said on 09-13-2011

How long do you wait before talking to your exboyfriend? Like, there's all this no contact stuff but nothing really tells you when it's time to call him. It's been more than 3 weeks already. Should I call him?

Dana    said on 09-13-2011

Make him jealous!!! That's the best way to get him back.

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