How to Have The Best Sex of Your Life - Right Now

SEX. It's the down-and-dirty, barebones, earliest building blocks of ANY relationship. Whether you're involved with someone right now or still out looking, we all know that sex and attraction come first... the rest of the relationship comes later.

Great Sex
There's just no substitute for great sex

So if that's the case? Sex is the single most important first impression you can make the first time you're with a new lover. In that sense, it's an audition.

Great sex is the hook that keeps a potential boyfriend or girlfriend interested long enough to get to know you. And bad sex? That's always an excuse for your lover to bow out gracefully and move on.

So yes, sex is an integral part of any new romance. But what about existing long term relationships, or even marriages? Is sex less important there, because the connection is now older?

Not by a longshot.

In fact, sex is one of the most driving forces when it comes to closeness and intimacy within a committed relationship. If your sexual relationship is frequent, mutual, and consistently great? You'll survive much longer as a couple, and you'll be happier and more satisfied with everything else in your life.

The importance of a good sexual relationship cannot be understated. It cannot be downplayed, or pushed to the background as less and less important as the relationship goes on.

A romance without physical intimacy is like a plant without water; it might live on for a while, but it will never look as good and will eventually die. Your relationship needs to be watered so it can thrive. The fires that burned when you and your lover first jumped into bed together must be stoked and fueled in order to keep them going.

100 Sex Games

Intimacy that includes boring or mundane sex is even worse: sometimes people 'go through the motions' to satisfy a partner when their heart's just not in it. This leads to obligation and resentment, and over time, the sex gets cut off completely... or even worse, that person seeks sexual fulfillment from someone else.

So long story short? SEX rules. It's the physical culmination of many deep-seeded emotional bonds and connections. It's the firey consumation of two people's heated lust for each other.

And in time, over the course of a long term relationship? It's the cement that bonds two people together on the basest and most animalistic of all levels, and on some very emotional ones as well. It's the last piece of a much larger puzzle for any good romance or marriage.

The key to great sex is to be commuicative with your partner, and be willing to try new things. You also want to take the initiative here; rather than wait for your lover to make new moves, learn to be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to your sex life.

5 Great Tips For Amazing Sex - Supercharge Your Lovelife

Any time you introduce something new to the bedroom there's always an element of excitement and anticipation. And the more new stuff you try? The more you add to your repertoire. The more sexual ammunition you have available to yourself, the next time you go to the battlefield.

Below you'll find some great ideas for making sex better between you and your lover:

1)   Give Your Lover a Long, Slow, Sensual Massage

Don't underestimate the power of touch. If your sex life is less foreplay and more direct down and dirty, setting up a sensual massage is one of the sexiest and most tantalizing things you can do in bed, before the act of sex even begins.

Before starting, make some basic preparations. The bedroom should be dimly lit, so light some candles. This will relax your partner and make the massage better, as well as set the mood.

Also make sure you've got massage oil. Scented oils can be really cool, as this ignites even one more of the senses we use during lovemaking.

Check out the Kama Sutra- Massage Therapy Kit, which has everything you need to get started. Or choose massage oils you like from anywhere else, as long as they're not too strong or overpowering.

Surprising your lover with a massage is an excellent romantic move, but in some cases you might want to approach the massage thing together - and even trade massages with each other.

In that case don't just wing it - get some good video instruction so you both know what you're doing. The Sensual Massage Kit instructional video is a great tool, and it's something you can watch it together. This enables to you find out what your lover likes (or doesn't like), and take things from there.

Massage stimulates your senses, and those of your partner. It increases arousal levels, and builds anticipation. So by the time you're ready to jump on each other? Both of you should be MORE than ready for some really juicy, oiled-up, post-massage sex.

2)   Use a Blindfold on your Partner Before Sex

Sex is a sensual act, and the more senses you can stimulate the more you'll enjoy it. Yet by taking away the most important sense of all - sight - you're heightening all the others: smell, touch, taste, and even hearing.

Blindfolding your boyfriend or girlfriend is a great way to stimulate them to the point where they're literally squirming on the bed. Without being able to see, your lover begins really focusing on touch. Even the lightest trace of a finger over their body suddenly becomes an entire new world for them. They'll strain to hear what you're about to do to them. They'll be very cogniscent of the sounds and even the smells in the room, once blindfolded.

Make sure you get a blindfold big enough so that your lover can't see around it. A black leather blindfold like this one works especially well, or choose a more playful satin mask.

Enhanced taste is another important aspect of being blindfolded. Feed your lover a few different treats while they're laying there unable to see, and you're stimulating all their other senses. The old standards like chocolates or strawberries (or chocolate-covered strawberries) work nicely, but mix in some different and more exotic fruits to keep them guessing.

The anticipation of sex becomes almost too much to bear when blindfolded. Your boyfriend or girlfriend will be super-excited just lying there, waiting for you to begin having sex with them. And in the meantime? Tease them. Torture them. Do anything you need to do, to prolong the excitement before the actual act of intercourse.

3)   Dress Up or Role Play For Each Other

Want to break out of a dull sex routine? Go out and get the hottest, sluttiest, most exotic lingere or underwear possible! Dressing up is an instant turn-on, always.

Stimulating the more visual aspects of sex is the exact opposite of blindfolding your partner. By looking amazing (or getting someone your lover will look amazing in), you're both feeling sexier and more raunchy. There's absolutely nothing wrong with letting go, and enjoying the wilder aspects of a good sex life - there's no room for prudish thoughts when it comes to giving yourself over to someone.

>Girls lingere comes in all types and styles. From the more traditional babydoll nightie to exotic spandex body suits... from dressing up in heels, stockings and garder belts to full-blown role-playing costumes such a nurse, police woman, cheerleader, and more.

Dressing up is only half the fun - the other is in the role-playing. Get creative with your lover, and create a sexually-based role-playing scenario the two of you can play out. Anything fun and sex you can do before actually having sex will make the sex better. Keep that in mind when dressing up.

4)   Tie Each Other Up - Try Some Light Bondage

Most people fool around with some bondage at one time or another, and a great majority of those people end up loving it. So if you trust your partner enough to tie each other up? Go for it... and include some light spanking in there too.

Being restrained can really enhance the sexual experience; there's something exciting about NOT being in control. Or if you're the one who's dominant? Being in total control of your partner can be awesome for both of you.

Start with restraints, to keep your partner helplessly tied up. Handcuffs come immediately to mind, but be sure to get fur-covered handcuffs to keep them from hurting the wrists. Or use silk scarves to tie your lover down - anything that's not going to chaffe or leave a mark.

You can always start with some light spanking. Get a leather or padded paddle, and see how far you can go while your partner is still enjoying it.

Want something a little more hardcore? Use a Cat O' Nine tails braided whip. Take things as far as your lover wants to go, and use a safe-word if you have to. Some people who like bondage are also into S&M, and they push the boundaries as to what's sexy and what's painful.

In the end however, it's the tying-up part that's exciting. Find out if your partner likes to be helpless or dominant, and go with it from there!

5)   Introduce Some New Sex Toys Into The Bedroom

Your relationship is never too young - or old - for some great bedroom toys. So get over any inhibitions you might have - and get your partner over them as well - because in today's world it's easier than ever to start using some really great toys, games, bedroom lotions and sex oils.

Most people won't buy sex toys because they're embarassed or afraid to go into a sex shop. Luckily there are some great online stores such as - they offer a totally anonymous shopping experience as well as discrete shipping. Be sure to check them out - they usually have a 15% off sale going at any given time.

Also keep in mind that dildoes and vibrators aren't the only sex toys out there. There are some really great bedroom accessories including love oils, gels, beads, and all kinds of fun stuff you and your partner can browse through.

Don't forget there are sex toys for men, too. Some of them, like the cock ring, can help enhance pleasure by allowing you to have sex for a longer period of time, and with more powerful and longer-lasting erections.

In short, don't look down on these toys as a substitute for each other during sex. Look at them as exciting tools to enhance your already great sex life, making it even better!

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Benn112167    said on 10-04-2011

My girlfriend came home (from college) for Christmas break last year and wanted nothing to do with me. She kept saying it was because she needed to spend time with her family, but it turns out she was seeing someone else down at school. She promised him she wouldn't see me during the holiday break, so she blew me off. Stupidly I sat alone and took it, pretending like it was okay and that I 'understood'.

Don't make that same mistake! If she doesn't want to see you there's a REASON for it.

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