How Can I Tell If My Boyfriend Is Cheating On Me?

It's the one thing you always want to know: whether or not your boyfriend is being unfaithful. If you suspect your boyfriend of cheating on you, there are several ways to be sure about it. No infidelity can go completely invisible, and there will always be signs when your guy is seeing another woman behind your back.

Is Boyfriend Cheating
If he were cheating on you, would you know it?

Guys can be pretty sneaky... but even the best of them leave tracks. In today's age of cellphones, email, and even GPS tracking devices, there are always signs and signals left behind when your boyfriend is unfaithful to you.

If you're asking yourself how can I tell if my boyfriend is cheating on me - you'll need to exactly know what to look for. False accusations and jealousy without merit can really put a burden on an already strained relationship.

Below are the most telltale signs of infidelity. Before you read them however, understand something: you cannot and should not accuse your boyfriend of cheating until one thing: you're absolutely sure that he is.

Many relationships have been ruined over unnecessary fights caused when one person thinks they have concrete evidence that their partner is being unfaithful.

This is why it's always best to gather all the information and proof that you can, before finally confronting your man about his actions.

The signs of a cheating boyfriend include some or most of the following:

Your Boyfriend Locks or Hides His Cellphone

When you're in a serious, committed relationship, there's little reason to hide your cellphone from your anyone - much less your partner. If your boyfriend is suddenly locking his cell phone with a new password, or hiding it away so you don't have access to it, there's a good chance there might be text-messages and phone numbers on there that he doesn't want you to see. Your man's privacy is valuable, but you should know if he's hiding something.

You See Strange Numbers on Your Boyfriend's Cellphone

If he hasn't hidden his phone, and you have access to it? Seeing a strange number or two might not be cause for concern, but seeing multiple calls over and over again from that number might mean something important.

Learn how to do a reverse phone lookup, and find out who's been calling your boyfriend totally anonymously and without him knowing you did anything.

You Notice Him Disappearing at Odd Hours

When a man is cheating on you, he's going to sneak off at weird times and hours. This is because he's got to adjust his schedule around his own life and someone elses. And if the woman he's cheating with has a boyfriend or husband? The hours will be even more strange. Keep an eye out for anything that takes your man out of the house very early in the morning or very late at night.

He Never Wore Cologne Before... But Now He Does

There are a ton of guys who own cologne but just never wear it. If your boyfriend is one of them, and he suddenly starts putting it on? Unless it's a special occasion and the two of you are going out, there's a good chance he's trying to cover up the scent of someone else. How can you tell if your boyfriend is cheating on you? If he smells better when he comes home than he did when he left.

He Starts Fighting With You Unnecessarily

Guys who are involved in secret relationship tend to become more and more attached to the new woman they're seeing. As this happens, they tend to blow up at the smallest things that you do, most likely for two reasons.

Boyfriend Fighting

One, the other romance is going well and they don't feel they should "take it anymore" (even if you're doing little to nothing wrong). If your boyfriend suddenly has a lot less tolerance for disagreements and arguments than he ever had before? It could be because he's weighing your behavior against someone elses... and weighing his options for staying together as well.

The second reason a cheating boyfriend will go to battle with you? Fighting with you gives him a good excuse to walk out in a huff... and go see the other woman he's messing around with.

Watch for your boyfriend picking unnecessary fights and then making quick exits, because these quick exits might just already be planned in advance.

He Works Late, or Goes in Early

Don't jump the gun on this one. Sometimes working late is just that... and other times the boss needs him to come in early.

That being said, these types of requirements are usually consistent (i.e. he'll go in early for the whole week, not just a day or two). But if he's working extra hours sporatically? It's possible that your boyfriend is seeing someone else during those times. Keep an eye out for inconsistences.

Your Boyfriend Starts Dressing Exceptionally Well

Remember when you first met your man and he made sure he looked absolutely great? That's what he's going to do when he has a new love interest. If your man always dresses sharp, this will be a difficult thing to tell. But if he's been a lot more casual and then suddenly starts sprucing himself up? He could be trying to look good for someone else - another sign of being unfaithful.

Although the signs above are all symptoms of infidelity, it doesn't mean your man is definitely screwing around. The more of these you can check off however, the greater the chances that something's up. There are a lot more signs to look for. The more of them you see, the greater the amount of evidence.

And if you do suspect that your boyfriend is cheating on you? There are measures you can take to verify your suspicions.

For example, Text-messages can be undeleted. Emails can be undeleted too. There are all kinds of electronic ways you can find out for sure whether or not he's being unfaithful... most of them without your boyfriend even knowing you did them. Finding out what they are can help protect yourself as well as your relationship.

You can learn to easily identify other signs that your boyfriend is cheating. Find out what they are, and read up on ways you can save your relationship and get your relationship back on track, if you want to save what you have with him.

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paulak    said on 09-13-2011

I caught him on Facebook talking to some girl I think he might've cheated on me with but he says he hasn't. He's seen her as a friend with other people in a group, but doesn't see anything wrong with that.

I don't want to seem jealous or controlling but I also don't want him hanging out with other girls. Not sure how to approach things without getting him angry.

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