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Nothing beats the feeling of having a good, solid relationship. The love and support given by a strong, closely-bonded partner can enhance all areas of your life, granting both of you increased success and happiness in everything you do.

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With that said, the emotional turmoil of a broken or disfunctional relationship can have a negative impact upon your life as well. Without that peace of mind the rest of life tends to suffer; a bad relationship can hurt or destroy many things. You can't sleep. You can't work. Your home and family life suffers, as you struggle to set things straight between you and your partner.

The best relationships are team efforts. They're built upon trust and commitment, and a healthy mutual respect. This website is dedicated to the betterment of your relationship, no matter what problems you might encounter. Boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife, learn how to keep your partner happy and your relationship healthy and strong.

And for those seeking to find that special someone? Love Help gives expert dating advice for both men and women. Below are just some of the areas of help expertise:

  • Breakups - Spot the signs that your relationship is in trouble, and learn how to halt & reverse ANY breakup situation. No matter how long it's been or how little contact you have with your ex, there are always ways of getting back together.
  • Cheating - Recognize the signs of cheating or infidelity within a relationship. Recover a broken romance shattered due to cheating; rebuild trust and love for one another again, even when one or both of you have been unfaithful to each other.
  • Dating Advice - Learn how to get a boyfriend or girlfriend; LoveHelp discusses what men and women really want from each other, and how both sexes are generally looking for different things! Find and attract men and women with easy, simple techniques.
  • Long Distance - In today's world of internet communication, long-distance relationships becoming more and more common. Learn how to make it work between you and your lover, even when separated by miles, States, or even whole continents.
  • Marriage Issues - Got a marriage problem? You're certainly not alone. Read about the most common relationship issues between man and wife, how to fix them, and what you can do to forge a stronger, happier, and more successful marital relationship.
  • Sexual Problems - Sex is an integral part of any relationship, and sexual problems can be the source of great stress and tension. Learn how to cope with a wide variety of sexual issues, as well as what you can do to spice up a boring sex life.

Getting Back With Your Ex After an Unwanted Breakup

Getting over a breakup is tough. Yet if you're still in love with your ex and have been trying to get them back, there are a wide variety of breakup tips and tricks you can use to put your relationship back together by getting your ex want and need you again.

Get Back Together

Methods for reconciliation cover everything from making your ex miss you through no-contact to reconnecting with an ex you haven't spoken to in a long time. Emotional connections once broken can always be reconnected, despite temporary surface feelings of anger or indifference your ex might be using to cover up.

Whether your boyfriend or girlfriend just broke up with you or you're going through a separation or divorce, get back ex methods and techniques can help put things back the way they were. When you finally know how to restore that early magic, you can bring things back to a time when everything was special - and your relationship was incredible, indestructible, and firing on all cylinders.

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Fast Ways To Win Your Boyfriend Back - Want your boyfriend back as quickly as possible? Join the club. While no breakup can be fixed overnight, there are certainly ways of accelerating the reconcilation process. Learn what they are, and start working toward getting back together instead of wondering what to do. (Read More)

Getting Your Girlfriend Back If She Already Started Dating - It's every guy's worst nightmare: your exgirlfriend starts dating another guy before you have a chance to fix your break up. If you still love your ex and want to fix your relationship, getting past this hurdle is a big step on the path to reconciliation. (Read More)

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How To Recover From Cheating: Fixing an Unfaithful Relationship

Cheating: it's considered to be one of the most unforgivable of sins when it comes to any relationship. But if that's the case, why do so many couples stay together even after being unfaithful? Can any romance really survive cheating?

Get Over Cheating

Start by knowing the signs your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or wife is cheating on you. Infidelity has it's own little tells, and when your partner is being unfaithful there will always be hints and clues left behind for you to see... as long as you look for them.

Did you cheat on your partner? Learn how the clean slate technique can help get them to forgive you. Did your partner cheat? Find out the best ways to forgive and forget. By wiping away mistakes of the past you and your partner can put these indiscretions behind you, continuing forward with a brighter and more optimistic view on the future of your whole relationship.

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How to Tell if Your Boyfriend is Cheating - Infidelity is the all-time biggest destroyer of relationships. Finding out your boyfriend cheated or is still cheating on you will make you hurt and angry, but even more so if you learn he's been seeing another girl for quite some time. If you suspect your boyfriend might be cheating, you'll want to know the truth - one way or the other.(Read More)

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How to Find a Boyfriend

How to Get a Boyfriend

What men really want in a relationship

Looking for a man? Need dating advice? Learn from the experiences of women everywhere, as Love Help discusses what guys want, how to approach them, and where to find a good guy in today's world of bad boys.

  • Traits all men look for in a girlfriend
  • Why men stay... and why they leave
  • Best places to find a good man
  • How to make yourself irresistible to men

How to Find a Girlfriend

How to Get a Girlfriend

The keys to attracting & keeping women

Can't get the girl, no matter what you try? Find out exactly why some guys are more successful at dating women than others. Confidence-boosting tips and tricks that will instantly help win you dates with women.

  • Where to find approachable women
  • How to make a great first impression
  • Getting over shyness and hesitation
  • 'Alpha' techniques that always work

Long Distance Relationships - Staying Together When You're Miles Apart

Email, Facebook, Skype, internet dating sites... it's becoming easier and easier to see and talk to people all over the world from the comfort of your own home or computer. And of course, wherever people meet? Love inevitably follows.

Long Distance Relationship Help

There are more long distance relationships now than ever before. With advances in both technology and travel, it's becoming increasingly easier and more popular to date someone who lives hundreds of miles away or even on the other side of an Ocean.

Learn how to be successful in your long distance relationship, and what makes couples stay together when they have limited time with one another. Find out how to build trust and maintain a healthy romance even when your partner is traveling most of the time, or lives far away. Long distance relationship advice and love help can be easy - with the right adjustments and outlook.

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10 Things To Do For Long Distance Couples - Running out of things to do with your long distance lover? Check out this list of 10 great activites you can use to keep the magic alive, eliminate the distance, and keep your LD relationship healthy, happy, and thriving! (Read More)

Staying Together When You Go To Different Schools - Boyfriend or girlfriend going away for college? Or are you leaving them behind? Learn how to make your romance survive a long distance separation, even when one or both of you are moving away. Good relationships can survive being miles apart from one another, as long as some simple rules are followed.(Read More)

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Marriage Advice - Help With Marital Issues, Separation, & Divorce

Half of all marriages end in divorce... You've heard it before, but is it really true? Has the institution of marriage become so devalued in today's society that the idea of a lifelong partnership with someone is pretty much obsolete?

Marriage Help

Let's start by realizing that ALL marriages have issues to resolve. While you might find your soulmate or perfect partner, there will always be things you disagree upon as a couple.

It's not the presence of marital problems that determines divorce, but how you handle those issues, as a couple, when they inevitably do come up.

Learn the most common marriage problems people have these days, as well as the best ways to address them. Also find out which marital issues are small and insignficant, and which can actually cause the downfall of your marriage if you ignore them too long.

And if you're already having marriage problems and don't know what to do? Learn how to halt the backsliding, reopen the lines of communication, and even stop your divorce from happening in the event you've already separated from your husband or wife.

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Fixing a Broken Marriage - Learn very simple things you and your partner can do to salvage an unhappy marriage and ultimately avoid divorce. By bringing your relationship back to a time when you and your husband or wife were inseparable, you can re-create that original team dynamic.(Read More)

How to Know if Your Spouse is Cheating - Before attempting to repair any broken relationship you first need to know where you stand. Learn the telltale signs that your husband or wife might be cheating on you, and what to do if you're still in love with them.(Read More)

Getting Back Together After a Separation - Just because you're currently separated doesn't mean it's the end of your marriage. Learn how to stop your husband or wife from slipping further and further away, and start on the road to putting you back together again.(Read More)

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Sexual Problems, Bedroom Issues & How to Supercharge Your Sex Life

A relationship without good sex is like a tree without roots: eventually, it will dry up and wither. Yet sexual problems are high on the list when couples list the major issues they have with one another, whether they're single, engaged, or married.

Sexual Problems

Some sexual problems stem from differing needs: one person might want sex more or less sex than the other. Some problems are physical as well, and these are perhaps the most easily rectified of all.

Most sexual issues however, stem from a lack of communication. Sex is a taboo subject; when one person's sexual needs or desires aren't being met, it's not always easy to broach the subject with their boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife.

This leads to buried and hidden feelings, which can easily lead to resentment. Ultimately, one or both partners begin looking elsewhere to fulfill their sexual urgings, and the relationship quickly unravels.

Find out the most common sexual problems couples have these days, and what can be done to fix them. Also learn how to bring back the sexual magic of your early relationship.

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